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Graphic design for the Crafts Council touring exhibition ‘A Curious Turn’

Graphics for the Crafts Council touring exhibition A Curious Turn

We designed the graphics for the Crafts Council’s touring exhibition ‘A Curious Turn’. The exhibition launched in London a few days ago, and will set off on a nationwide tour in October. The exhibition explores the history of automata – ‘amazing moving mechanical sculptures’ operated by the turn of a crank to set the mechanics in motion to amaze, entertain and provoke thought in the audience.

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Christmas is coming to Fluidity

We have just completed the designs for Fluidity’s Christmas sale window. Based on the embroidered embellishments dominating this season’s garments, we designed a snowflake made from sequins.


Here are the proofs from the vinyl-cutter utilising their gold and silver vinyls – soon to be in the windows of their shops.


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Case Study: Stanley Spencer: Heaven in a Hell of War exhibition graphics


During the restoration of the Sandham Memorial Chapel, Stanley Spencer’s First World War paintings which were painted for the chapel were shown in an exhibition at Somerset House. The exhibition, designed by Casson Mann, showed the paintings as they would have been in their original setting in the chapel, but gallery lighting enabled visitors to see them as they had never been seen before.

Sandham Memorial Chapel

Sandham Memorial Chapel


Stanley was commissioned by Mr & Mrs Behrend to paint  the murals in their recently commissioned chapel in 1923, and they were completed in 1932. During our research into fonts of this period we discovered the font Granby, which was cut by foundry Stephenson, Blake & Co in 1930. Interestingly it is almost identical to Johnston, the font designed by Edward Johnston for the London Underground in 1915-16. So similar in fact, that why London Transport didn’t object to it being produced is not entirely clear, but it could be because Stephenson, Blake & Co. cut the original wooden masters for the Underground lettering.

Granby font

Granby font sample


What we did

Due to the weights available, we decided to use the New Johnston font, which is an updated version of Johnston, but still keeps some of the original quirky features, for example the diamond dot above the ‘i’, and diamond shaped comma, and full stop.

Using this font as the basis for the identity REG designed the title panel, the exhibition graphics and accompanying booklet for the exhibition.

The booklet needed carried the caption texts for the main paintings so needed to be easy to carry around and have low production costs. We decided to use very thin paper – inspired by ‘bible paper’ – and to allow the ‘show-through’ of text to reflect the honest nature of the paintings. Inspired by churches and the period we used bronze staples to add a interesting detail. All the graphics were produced using one colour throughout the exhibition, for this we chose an earthy dark brown inspired by the colours in the paintings.



Client feedback

Thank you so very much indeed for all your work on this – you have combined period charm with contemporary elegance, and it looks wonderful.
Amanda Bradley, Assistant Curator of Pictures and Sculpture for the National Trust and co-curator of the exhibition.

 See this in portfolio >

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Worrals of the WAAF


We have designed the first three of the republished Worrals books for Indie Books; back in print after 50 years. Written by Captain WE Johns – of Biggles fame – they are about the women of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during the Second World War. New cover artwork and illustrations by award-winning graphic novelist Matt Kindt.

They were launched last week at the RAF Museum Hendon. Worrals herself is pictured with the new editions. Buy them from RAF Museum shop.

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Experimental printing

We recently designed unique risograph posters and flyers for Central Saint Martins.

CSM’s widening participation team asked us to design a family of logos, posters and flyers for three of their projects that needed to look creative and art-school. We experimented with the arty-but-cheap print process called Risography. It’s an imperfect process, but the imperfections are part of the charm, giving an experimental feel to the prints. The results are a unique set of posters and flyers. We worked again with our favourite Riso printers Hato press,who indulged our experiments using different combinations of coloured paper stocks and inks.

For economical, unique, creative printing, Risography is great.


CSM Choices



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