Behaviour change asked us to come up with a new type of bus map and information pack to help with a project to encourage more bus travel. Greener Journeys Leicester was part of the innovative Behaviour Change lab supported by the big four uk bus companies Arriva, Stage Coach, First and Go Ahead.

The pack had to contain free bus tickets, a reply slip, bus route maps and general information about bus travel.

We worked with the existing visual identity for Greener Journeys projects and designed an economical, easy to use pack, plus the unique bus route maps.

Starting from the premise that many bus route maps are quite standardized and don’t really relate in a warm way to potential bus users, we designed maps with a cheerful disposition that were bespoke to the local routes being promoted.

Our copywriting idea was a development of the phrase from a to b, but substituting local landmarks for ‘a’ and ‘b’in a fun and friendly way.

The packs proved so popular a reprint was ordered.

We used a local printer, rsprint in Nottingham who were excellent.

We also designed the brochure for the Behaviour Change lab launch in Westminster, showcasing all the different projects that are part of the Behaviour Change lab.